Leyard Europe EverCare™ Lifetime Limited Warranty covers Leyard DirectLight Ultra, Leyard DirectLight Pro, Leyard TVF and Leyard AT Series LED video wall displays and Leyard Europe Complete™ LED video walls packages from these series. It is designed to deliver total assurance for our customers while reducing their lifetime cost of ownership, and to demonstrate Leyard Europe’s profound confidence in our product and our Service Organization’s ability to deliver.

Lifetime Total Coverage

The Leyard Europe Evercare Lifetime Limited Warranty is comprehensive, covering the product as long as the end customer continues to own and use it in a fixed location. It covers the entire product from controller to sub-pixel, including every component in between.

Delivering Superior Service

Leyard Europe has been designing, building, deploying and supporting display products in Reutlingen (Germany) and Presov (Slovakia) for nearly 30 years. During this time we have built a professional services and systems engineering organization spanning the European region, backed by engineering, manufacturing and service specialists in our European locations. Our confidence in our products, deep expertise within our team and mission to serve our customers allow us to offer and deliver this exceptional warranty.


Lifetime is a long time, so we need to know where your video wall is installed. Please register your Leyard Europe display solution within 60 days of installation so we can best serve you and your video wall.


Leyard Europe EverCare Lifetime Limited Warranty details, terms and conditions

Lifetime Warranty
Pixel & Subpixel
Total Product
Repaired in the EU
Access to Email & Phone Support
Replacement of
Certain Critical


Leyard Europe EverCare Lifetime Limited Warranty covers select video walls that are owned and deployed in Leyard Europe's Sales Region and were purchased after 01.12.2020.

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