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Since 1995, Leyard's display solutions have benefitted countless organizations in every application. Our displays are usually front and center, dutifully delivering the visual experiences and critical information customers need, with proven technology that is built to withstand the rigors of constant use.

What may be less obvious, but is no less critical, is the support Leyard Europe provides to customers and their displays. Backing up every giant, curved video wall or 4K interactive display, is a local team of pre-sales and post-sales technical and application experts determined to ensure customers select the right display solutions, and keep them performing their best.


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Pre-Sales Design

Leyard Europe’s field-based pre-sales Application Engineers across Europe assist in selecting the best solution for an environment and application. They live and work near customers, so they’re familiar with language and the unique display needs within a local area.

Project Management

Leyard Europe’s has dedicated Project Managers located across Europe who help coordinate all aspects of a project from initial design and display technology selection to expert technical installation.

Installation Services

Regionally-located Leyard Europe Technicians professionally install video walls or large format display fleets. Once installation is complete, our Installers provide basic system training about proper use, maintenance, troubleshooting and servicing.

Local Technical Support

Leyard Europe's Customer Service Team is always available to provide answers and remedies. From giant fine pitch LED video walls to individual LCD monitors, the support team is specially trained to know the details of each of our display solution, and assist.

On Site & Europe-Based Repair

Leyard Europe's Service Technicians live nearby and understand the language and local nuances. They can visit an installation site and assist with advanced troubleshooting or provide repair support. If a repair requires more than an on-site visit, such as pixel repair, our repair centres across Europe can handle it efficiently.

Training & Education

For our customers and integrators, we offer them training at our headquarters in Reutlingen, Germany, as well as at the locations of our other European subsidiaries. Of course, on-site and online training is also possible.

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