First-Choice LED-Lit DLP Rear Projection Video Walls

eyevis® Rear Projection Video Wall solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of a wide range of demanding video wall applications. With proven DLP® technology, eyevis rear projection video wall displays offer a nearly seamless solution with outstanding color and brightness features that make them an ideal solution for large-scaled video systems in demanding applications, including control rooms and security centers.

Designed for 24x7 mission-critical operation, eyevis rear projection solutions deliver uninterrupted operation, stable colors and low power consumption. Available in different sizes and with rear-projection screens that best match the customer's requirements, eyevis rear projection video walls provide the optimal solution for any video wall size or application.


  • Differen models, sizes and resolutions
  • Complete DLP® cubes and LED-lit upgrade-projectors
  • Designed for 24x7 applications
  • Nearly seamless solutions
  • Delivers superior visual performance

eyevis ecCUBE Series

eyevis EC-TRP Series

Energy-Saving LED-lit DLP® Cubes
Rear Projection displays that deliver high brightness with low power consumption

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eyevis TRP Engine

Universal LED-lit DLP® Engine
Simple and cost-effective upgrade solution for rear projection to LED illumination

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