Enhance Your Business Environment

To stay competitive, companies must find ways to strengthen customer loyalty, attract talent and give their brands greater visibility. They also need tools that stimulate collaboration and increase productivity. State-of-the-art display technologies are investments that forward-thinking companies make in their people and facilities - transforming the business environment and empowering employees.

Make a Big Statement

Large and spectacular video walls bring a "wow factor" to corporate lobbies and auditoriums and leave a strong impression on customers and employees alike. Unique media installations and digital screens bring excitement to corporate spaces, arousing interest and demonstrating a company's commitment to cutting-edge technology.

Intensify Brand Commitment

As a medium that inspires authentic brand engagement, visually stunning video wall installations and touch screen displays and video walls promote immersive experiences and offer the opportunity to build deeper connections through interactive storytelling.

In reception spaces, state-of-the-art display technologies enable you to highlight your company's talents, articulate your mission or present your brand in a compelling way. In high-tech showrooms and experience centers, interactive and dynamic digital solutions provide a platform for compelling presentations and immersive product demonstrations.

Optimize the Workplace

Smart companies embrace innovations that change the way people work. This includes display solutions that provide tools for collaboration and communication and encourage employees to work smarter and more efficiently.

In the workplace, interactive multi-touch video walls and displays offer a range of collaboration features that enable users to interact with content, edit and manipulate materials, and share resources quickly and easily. With sharp and vivid clarity, ultra-high resolution display technologies enhance presentations and enable companies to communicate more effectively with their employees.

Display Applications in Corporate Environments

Lobbies and Reception Areas

Corporate lobbies and reception areas provide the first opportunity to interact with visitors and introduce your history or unique value proposition. Impressive video walls - some visible from outside the building - create fascinating spaces and allow you to convey messages in impressive and vivid detail. Interactive touch screen displays and video walls invite visitors to engage with your brand and explore your company through immersive videos and stories.


Auditoriums are prominent venues for companies to engage customers and employees and make an impact on the audience. Large-format LED and LCD video walls form a breathtaking centerpiece in these locations and are an enrichment for immersive presentations that inspire large groups and bring your company together.

Board, Presentation and Meeting Rooms

Corporate boardrooms, presentation rooms and meeting rooms serve as key spaces for conducting key dialogues, exchanging ideas, discussing strategies and making important business decisions. In these environments, seamless video walls and high-resolution, large-format 4K screens allow your teams to present data and information in the highest clarity, improving communication and supporting the decision-making process.

Collaboration and Huddle Rooms

Collaboration and meeting rooms are usually designed for impromptu meetings and work sessions in an informal environment. To promote productivity, flexible and user-friendly large-screen LCD solutions make it easier for employees to share content, communicate ideas and work more efficiently in tandem.

Architecture and Design

The architectural style of an office reflects the corporate identity of a company. To enhance workplace design, flexible video wall displays can be customized into unique and artistic configurations and seamlessly integrated into office environments, creating more interesting spaces and enabling companies to engage visitors with digital content in a more thoughtful way.

Security Control Rooms

Security and protection of facilities is a major priority for companies. In corporate security control rooms, high-resolution video walls and 4K screens, designed for 24x7 operation, provide reliable monitoring and video surveillance of assets, enabling staff to quickly identify problems and make more informed and timely decisions.

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Overview of Digital Display Solutions for Corporate Environments

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