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European Council Press Room

The European Council is a collegiate body that defines the overall political directions and priorities of the European Union. It comprises the heads of state or government of the EU member states, along with the President of the European Council and the President of the European Commission.

Many of these decisions and statements are made public during press conferences and meetings, which are regularly held in front of up to 300 accredited press representatives in the European Council's press rooms. One of these press rooms, located in the Europa Building, was recently updated with a new LED wall consisting of 96 Leyard AT Series video wall displays made in Europe with a pixel pitch of 1.5 mm to provide both the on-site press and streamed audiences with a professional and sharp visual experience that is designed to present all information in a crystal clear and easily accessible style.

Integration Partner:

Telmaco S.A.

Upgrading from LCD to All-in-One LED made in Europe

Together with the experienced Greek integrator Telmaco S.A., which was entrusted with the project, the European Council was looking for a future-proof replacement solution for its existing narrow bezel LCD video wall. The new technology needed to provide seamless visualization and excellent on-camera performance, as well as low long-term cost of ownership.

With the front-serviceable Leyard AT Series, Leyard Europe offers an LED display solution that is tailor-made for a mission-critical application such as that required for the European Council's press room, with its narrow 1.5mm pixel pitch, high-quality HDR image, slim cabinet, long 100,000-hour runtime, and hot-swappable redundant power supply.

In addition to the product features that were important for this particular installation, Leyard Europe's offering was also compelling because of its all-in-one experience. LED wall, curved mechanics and processor from a single source were just as relevant as the lifetime warranty on the product, which is included as standard as part of the Leyard Europe EverCare™ warranty program.

Seamless experience on site and from anywhere

Shortly after the new video wall was fully installed and operational, it's clear that the investment and switch to LED technology paid off. Speakers deliver their statements in front of the 32x3 Leyard AT Series LED widescreen, which provides a completely seamless and consistent visual experience and enhances remote presence, whether for those in the room or those watching from afar.

The use of the AT cabinets allows for a very smooth and immersive curve, and thanks to the remote power supplies, there is built-in redundancy and a shallow mounting depth.


About the Leyard AT Series

Leyard AT is a new series of fine-pitch direct-view LED video wall systems optimized for mission-critical applications requiring continuous, stable, and reliable operation and uncompromised image quality compatible with the latest HDR and 4K standards. The Leyard AT cabinet design is ultra-thin with a depth of 29.5mm, making it suitable for both flat and curved installations in control rooms, broadcast and corporate environments.

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EverCare™ Lifetime Warranty

Select Leyard Europe LED video wall displays come with the Leyard Europe® EverCare™ Lifetime Limited Warranty, which means everything from the sub-pixels to the controller is covered for as long as the video wall is used in a fixed location.

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