Nike House of Innovation Paris

C'est magnifique !

Nike recently opened its third House of Innovation on the historic Avenue des Champs-Élysées 79 in Paris, continuing its commitment to harnessing the power of digital for its consumers.

On four floors and approximately 2,400 square meters, Nike Paris, House of Innovation 002 offers unparalleled access to Nike's best innovations, athlete stories and experiences. Like its predecessors in New York and Shanghai, the flagship, located among some of the world's most famous landmarks, offers consumers an immersive, digitally supported end-to-end journey. With one of the largest ranges of Nike shoes in Europe, modular store layouts that are constantly updated and exclusive member options, Nike Paris is the latest proof of the Swoosh's ongoing commitment to changing the future of retail while being a pulsating center of sport.

The store is an important step on Nike’s Move to Zero journey to help protect the planet and create a better future for sport. More than 85,000 kilos of sustainable material are woven into the fabric of the store design and display fixtures at Nike Paris.

Lightweight, proven and easy to install

Leyard Europe is proud that Nike has chosen to go with the unique structural design of LED displays from Leyard's CarbonLight™ Series to support its new digitally enhanced retail concept in Paris.

Leyard CarbonLight™ displays are perfectly equipped to meet the versatile requirements of this project. They have a patented carbon fiber construction that makes them uniquely lightweight, thin and strong. Their refined mechanical design and innovative features enable fast and versatile installations. In addition, its user-friendly brackets and hardware support quick installation and easy maintenance.

Certainly the most eye-catching installation among those CarbonLight™ displays is the large backscreen which is standing 14 meters tall and 6 meters wide. Despite its impressive appearance this LED video wall consisting of Leyard CarbonLight™ CLI modules with a pixel pitch of 3.9 mm is a lightweight carbon fiber construction. So the impact on the store's infrastructure is very limited.

The ability to do angled setups makes the same CarbonLight™ CLI displays a great fit as a column wrapping for seven columns throughout the House of Innovation 002. Each of those installations are covering the columns up to 6.5 meters high and 1 meter wide LED displays with 3.9 mm pixel pitch.

Flooring made out of high-strength displays

The Leyard CarbonLight™ CLF Series is a lightweight yet highly durable and robust LED flooring system available. Its high-strength structure is built to withstand loads up to 500 kg per display. To create an extraordinary and very unique shopping experience 133 displays of the CLF series with a pixel pitch of 5.2 mm were integrated into the store's floor.

The proven technology of the Leyard Carbonlight™ series was once again the preferred choice for ten podiums spread throughout Nike Paris' House of Innovation, designed to highlight specific parts of the merchandise. Each of those platforms are made of 2x2 CarbonLight™ CLI displays with a pixel pitch of 2.6 mm.

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