Eurotunnel Security Control Centre

The Channel Tunnel is a 50 km rail tunnel that links UK's Kent to Coquelles in northern France beneath the Channel. In recent years, Europe’s evolving migrant crisis has led to heightened security challenges at the French Terminal in Coquelles, as increasingly more migrants have tried to enter the Channel in an attempt to illegally cross into the UK. In 2016 alone, a total of 21,000 illegal breach attempts were recorded and in the summer of 2015, services were delayed and suspended on both sides of the Channel when roughly 2,000 migrants tried daily to storm the Channel Tunnel Concession near Calais, France.

To control migrant intrusions on its sites and improve security in response to terror threats, Eurotunnel - which manages and operates the Channel Tunnel - introduced a new Security Control Centre at the French terminal in Coquelles. Dubbed ‘Fortress Coquelles,’ the new control facility features high tech equipment and an advanced security system that includes a 20 m² Leyard® TWA Series LED video wall. The Leyard TWA Series video wall features an ultra-fine pixel pitch of 1.8 mm in a 7x3 configuration (seven-wide-by-three-high).

A team of security experts stationed at the Security Control Center uses the video wall to monitor 650 hectares of the terminal site and 30 km of high-security fencing via 570 static and mobile cameras equipped with both day and night vision and protected by motion detectors and the 9 km of infrared barriers.

“The Leyard video wall provides an exceptional view of our entire site and enables us to optimize our surveillance network,” said Dominique Schmitlin, Security Director of Channel Tunnel Concession. “With this new system in place, we can better manage and respond to any illegal entry attempts.”

Designed for 24x7 mission-critical operation

Leyard TWA Series LED video walls are designed for long operating cycles and support the highest pixel density. They are available with a redundant video and power supply option to ensure continuous 24/7 operation for the most demanding applications. Wide viewing angles provide excellent off-axis uniformity, while advanced calibration provides maximum uniformity of color and brightness with no visible seams, even on the largest video walls.

A larger 54” cabinet means more of the video wall is factory-aligned, easing installation time and costs with fewer displays to align and seams to perfect at installation. Larger displays mean fewer displays are needed to create a video wall, reducing potential points-of-service.

In running the new Security Control Centre, Eurotunnel, which is neither responsible for border control nor has policing powers, is working closely with, National police force, French police and the UK Border Force to strengthen on-the-ground cooperation and prevent illegal migrant breaches in the channel.

“The combined upgraded security technology and LED video wall are the best tools we can use in aiding law authorities for improving the effectiveness and speed of border controls on the terminal to keep the Channel Tunnel safe and secure, With every inch of our terminal now under improved surveillance, we have the means to prevent illegal intrusions with 100% efficiency.”

Dominique Schmitlin
Security Director of Channel Tunnel Concession

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