netPIX Controller Series – State-of-the-art image processing and display

Wherever possible, our products for the control and management of visual display systems are one step ahead of their time and set innovative standards. This is definitely true for the netPIX Controller Series which have been the heart and backbone of sophisticated large-screen installations as well as single monitors and projectors for many years.

All of our network-based graphic controllers represent the state of the art in modern image processing. They are able to combine individual outputs into a coherent desktop display in a simple and user-friendly way, on which a wide range of network data as well as video and graphics sources can be displayed.

netPIX™ Controller Series
  • Highly flexible Video Wall Controller solution
  • Wide range of input connections, large volume of outputs
  • Simple system architecture
  • Expandable for future system upgrades
  • High performance
  • 24/7 operation

netPIX Product Line Overview

eyevis netPIX-FUSION

  • Intel® Core™ i7 processor
  • Intel® integrated UHD graphics, up to 3 displays
  • Compact design
  • Optional in- or output card
  • Multi-protocol decoding capabilities
Designed for:
  • Small size video wall configurations and LED video walls
  • Control rooms, boardrooms, corporate meeting rooms and more

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eyevis netPIX-core

  • Intel Core i7 CPU
  • Up to 32 outputs
  • Large choice of input cards
  • 11 slots PCIexpress
  • Expansion chassis
Designed for:
  • Medium size and large size video wall configurations
  • Control room environments with numerous input and output signals

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eyevis netPIX-SDC

  • Server grade 5U chassis and mainboard
  • Dual 10G network connections
  • Powerful 3D graphics cards up to 16x 4K outputs
  • Software based decoder for 40+ FHD IP streams
Designed for:
  • Computing intensive 3D applications
  • Best performance for video-/graphics applications
  • Control of video walls in control rooms and presentation areas

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