Video Wall Controller from the netPIX Series

The netPIX™ Video Wall Controllers are network-based graphic controllers for the management of video wall systems, single displays or projectors. Through their multi-screen capabilities, any display surfaces can be realized. The netPIX Video Wall Controllers creates a large joined desktop for network applications, video and graphic sources.

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netPIX™ Controller Series

  • Highly flexible Video Wall Controller solution
  • Wide range of input connections, large volume of outputs
  • Simple system architecture
  • Expandable for future system upgrades
  • High performance

Video Wall Management with eyevis eyeUNIFY

eyevis™ eyeUNIFY Video Wall Software answers the flexible requirements of modern video walls and information display systems in control rooms, collaboration rooms, board rooms, crisis rooms and corporate signage applications. The software’s modular, web-based concept allows for operation across platforms, different operating systems and a freely scalable number of clients.
Compatible with nearly every visual data and video source, eyevis eyeUNIFY Software provides the freedom to capture, display and share visual information across the video wall, control rooms and the entire enterprise.

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What's new in version 2.2 of eyeUNIFY™ Wall Management?

  • New Surveillance Licence level with Milestone XProtect Plugin
  • Auto-Switchover for redundant controller system
  • Backwards API command set for previous eyeUNIFY and eyeCON versions
  • RDP Support (Remote Desktop Protocol)
  • Remote control for executing controllers
  • Synchronisation of several connected video walls / displays
  • Auto discovery of eyevis eyeUNIFY Software devices on the network

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