The eyevis™ TRP Series is the industry’s first DLP® rear projection video wall line based on Texas Instrument’s Tilt & Roll architecture, delivering high brightness with lower power consumption. Available in 50” or 60” sizes with Full HD resolution the eyevis TRP Series provides sufficient brightness for most applications with a power consumption of less than 70 watts—setting a milestone in DLP® rear projection display technology.

Tilt & Roll Pixel Architecture

The eyevis TRP Series’ Tilt & Roll technology is an innovative pixel architecture developed by Texas Instruments that tilts the individual micro-mirrors on a DMD chip, allowing for smaller and more efficient projection engine design. The light engine’s compact architecture allows for a simplified design to the cube-shaped housing, easing set-up and providing a low, entry-level price.

Automated Color & Brightness Adjustment

The built-in eyevis™ Auto Color Tracking (ACT) color setting ensures consistent display of brightness and colors across all displays within a video wall. This fully automatic feature constantly measures colors and brightness through internal sensors and adjusts all displays within the video wall to common values to achieve consistent image performance across eyevis TRP Series video walls.

Heat Pipe Cooling System

The eyevis TRP Series features an innovative heat pipe cooling system that ensures highly dynamic, fast and efficient heat dissipation to deliver high reliability and efficient operation. The sensor of the three channel, permanent control for the LED temperature sits directly at the LED. In the unlikely event of a cooling system failure if ambient temperatures exceed permissible values, the cooling system automatically reduces LED performance to maintain the projected image.

  • Available in 50" or 60" with Full HD resolution
  • Low power consumption
  • No-compromise image quality
  • Designed for simplified installation
  • Very low power consumption (typ. 63W / max. 98 W)
  • Pixel-Accurate Display (NO Warping, high image quality)
  • Mechanical robust and self-supporting (no building-kit)
  • „Real“ Cube housing (no step, simple installation)
  • Engine in „Single-Module-Design“ (no loose components)
  • Fast replacement of the entire engine, very service-friendly
  • Low, entry-level Price

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