Leyard FX Series LED displays bring to high ambient-light environments the same level of image detail and resolution historically reserved for darker spaces. For years outdoor venues or buildings with numerous windows and skylights—like airports and shopping malls—had to weigh the importance of detailed, high resolution on-screen content against the high brightness required to combat daylight. They had to choose either details or brightness: not anymore.

Bright or Detailed? Why Not Both?

Leyard FX Series video walls come in pixel pitches as small as 1.5 millimeters, enabling people to clearly see every detail even from close viewing distances. Fine pixel pitch video wall displays aren’t new for Leyard, but the Leyard FX Series also features high brightness and contrast, brilliantly showing your content even when the sun is out.

The LED video wall displays’ fine pixel pitch and high brightness make them the ideal choice to showcase up-close content during daylight hours. Whether you need to show transportation information, retail digital signage or pool-side hospitality cinema, Leyard FX Series delivers.

Come In or Get Out

Leyard FX Series displays are versatile with models designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. The outdoor models are the finest-pitch LED video wall displays in the industry. They’re built to endure the weather with LED treatments to protect them from ultraviolet rays, dust and water, without negatively impacting the viewing experience. Optional masking plates on the backside cover cables and protect from vandalism and other abuse that is more common in high-traffic public environments.

Both indoor and outdoor cabinets are 500x500 millimeters. They're built for fixed installation, or can be hung or stacked using the same hardware. They are full front service and feature magnet-secured modules. You can even deploy Leyard FX Series video walls around 90-degree corners, when your building wall just isn’t quite a large enough canvas.

  • Indoor and Outdoor LED Video Walls
  • Indoor models available in 1.5, 1.9 and 2.6mm pixel pitches
  • Outdoor models available in 1.5, 1.9, 2.6, 2.9 and 3.9mm pixel pitches
  • Full front service with magnet-secured modules
  • UV, dust and waterproof for environmental durability (outdoor models)
  • Support High Dynamic Range content
  • Create video walls with 90 degree corners


Product Name FXI-1.5 FXI-1.9 FXI-2.6
Pixel Pitch 1.562mm 1.953mm 2.604mm
Cabinet Resolution 320 x 320 256 x 256 192 x 192
Pixel Density 409,600/sqm | 38,053/ft2 262,144/sqm | 24,353/ft2 147,456/sqm | 13,699/ft2
Cabinet Dimensions (W x H x D) 500 x 500 x 80mm | 19.69 x 19.69 x 3.15in 500 x 500 x 80mm | 19.69 x 19.69 x 3.15in 500 x 500 x 80mm | 19.69 x 19.69 x 3.15in
Cabinet Diagonal 707mm | 27.8in 707mm | 27.8in 707mm | 27.8in
Cabinet Area 0.25 sqm | 2.69 sqft 0.25m2 | 2.69ft2 0.25m2 | 2.69ft2
Modules/Cabinet (W x H) 2x2 2x2 2x2
Module Size (W x H) 250x250mm | 9.84x9.84in 250x250mm | 9.84x9.84in 250x250mm | 9.84x9.84in
Power Consumption, Maximum (watts) 180/Cabinet | 720/sqm 180/Cabinet | 720/sqm 175/Cabinet | 700/sqm
Line Voltage 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz
Cabinet Weight (per display) 9.5kg | 20.94lbs 9.5kg | 20.94lbs 9.5kg | 20.94lbs
Cabinet Weight (per sqm) 38kg | 83.76lbs 38kg | 83.76lbs 38kg | 83.76lbs
Brightness >3,500 >3,500 >3,500
Contrast Ratio 7000:1 7000:1 7000:1
LED Refresh Rate 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz
Frame Rate 50, 60Hz 50, 60Hz 50, 60Hz
Color Temperature, Adjustable (k) 6,500 - 10,000 6,500 - 10,000 6,500 - 10,000
Viewing Angle, Horizontal 160° 160° 160°
Viewing Angle, Vertical 160° 160° 160°
Service Access Front, Rear Front, Rear Front, Rear
Environment Indoor Indoor Indoor
Operating Temperature/Humidity (degrees F/C, relative humidity) -20° to 45° C | -4° to 113° F 10-80% -20° to 45° C | -4° to 113° F 10-80% -20° to 45° C | -4° to 113° F 10-80%
Storage Temperature/Humidity (degrees F/C, relative humidity) 20° to 60° C | -4° to 140° F 10-85% 20° to 60° C | -4° to 140° F 10-85% 20° to 60° C | -4° to 140° F 10-85%
LED Lifetime, Typical 100,000 hours 100,000 hours 100,000 hours

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