• Intel® Core™ i7 processor
  • Intel® integrated UHD graphics, up to three displays
  • Compact design
  • Optional in- or output card
  • Multi-protocol decoding capabilities

netPIX Fusion is a compact stand-alone version of the eyevis netPIX processing units. It is a powerful industrial PC solution based on the latest technology of the 13th generation Intel® Core i7™ processor family. The netPIX Fusion can serve as a powerful rendering node for local applications, videos or alarms, but also offers unparalleled IP decoding performance over multiple protocols such as H264, H265, NDI, VNC, Cast and others when used in combination with the eyeUNIFY wall management software. With support for optional hardwired inputs or outputs, the netPIX Fusion can fully meet customer expectations for applications such as control rooms, boardrooms and corporate meeting rooms.

The pre-packaged netPIX Fusion, available in 3 unique configurations, is a perfect match for Leyard Europe Complete video walls. It provides an off-the-shelf experience by combining a powerful standalone pre-configured processing solution with a pre-packaged video wall in popular sizes and resolutions. It transforms the video wall into a display solution capable of displaying virtually any type of source in any size over multiple different layouts across the entire display canvas.

Application Areas:

  • Small size video wall configurations and LED video walls
  • Control rooms, boardrooms, corporate meeting rooms and more


  • Sources, information, and alarms from standard IP networks are made available for display without limitations
  • Optional input or output card available
  • Transmission and display of 4K signals is possible with 4K/Ultra HD displays or video wall arrangements
  • Open system architecture, easily expandable for additional signal sources
  • Compatible with existing installations using conventional signal distribution
  • Lower power consumption compared to central graphics controller devices
  • Saves (rack)space and associated costs

System Overview

3 pre-configured versions available

Configuration Features Input Card Output Card
  • No extra input or output cards
  • eyeUNIFY Enterprise license included
  • No No
  • 1x input card with 4x HDMI1.4 in
  • eyeUNIFY Enterprise license included
  • Yes, 1x No
  • 1x output card with 4x HDMI2.0 out
  • eyeUNIFY Enterprise license included
  • No Yes, 1x

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