Blurring the Boundaries of Reality with Advanced Display Technology

Leyard's LED solutions have long been a firm presence in major European broadcast studios, thanks to their superior on-camera visual performance, installation flexibility, and ability to make a lasting impact on the viewer experience. The success of on-camera LED display technology in professional live broadcasting translates well to other areas of movie, TV, film, advertising and corporate video.

Morphing Movie Studios

Many modern film and television productions nowadays rely on live LED walls for their virtual production. In Virtual Production, video content is shot on a set that consists of large LED walls. Backgrounds and other content are displayed on these LED walls so that they can be captured on camera along with the actors and smaller set pieces.

Often, producers need to make the audience feel like they are somewhere else. Whether it's a deep jungle, a spacious desert, or a distant planet, it's not always possible for production crews to pack up equipment and film on location. While green screens and post-filming CGI have solved this problem admirably for years, the technology is limited and can lead to green screen fatigue for performers and viewers. Purpose-built volumes - stages for performance capture - with technologies such as real-time game engines, motion tracking and LED backdrops can fool the eye in real time and virtually create a filming location. They allow perspectives and backdrops to shift with perceived motion that appears lifelike.

Leyard's LED video walls and floors scale to any size and offer small pixel pitches that allow for high-resolution images and give actors and performers realistic screen content to look at and engage with, enhancing their performance. LED walls and floors blend well with tangible props in the foreground, making it harder for the audience to tell that the background is not "real." In addition, LED technology can add virtual light or reflective light to a scene, eliminating the need to add light digitally in post-production.

Setting the Stage

Today's stages aren't just for large motion pictures.Film sets can be huge, but with Leyard LED video walls and other technologies, such as OptiTrack motion capture from Leyard Europe's sister company NaturalPoint, it's easier than ever to make a smaller stage appear much larger than it is. Moving the background image on a relatively small L-shaped LED wall and floor can virtually expand the physical environment for smaller productions such as television shows, commercials, music videos and broadcasts.

Because Leyard LED display solutions support studios of all sizes and shapes with options for hanging, standing and wall mounting, smaller volumes are increasingly utilizing LED solutions. The literal and unique flexibility of some Leyard LED displays allows studios to create smooth convex or concave curves such as LED domes and caves, while others also offer single-person set-up and take-down for studios that need mobility.

Enabling XR (Extended Reality)

Professional broadcasters and video producers are adding augmented reality to their productions. Modern game engines and other technologies allow them to insert in-studio elements on viewers' TV sets that appear to be 3D objects. Although these graphics are impressive in their own right, they can be complemented by a large background consisting of an equally high-resolution Leyard LED wall or floor. Talent standing in front of the camera can see these backgrounds and real-time images, which helps them understand what the audience is seeing. Then, when 3D AR elements seem to burst out of the video wall, it enhances the experience for the audience.

Applications in Virtual Production & XR Environments

Live Virtual Production with In-Camera LED Wall

Leyard's LED solutions combine well with other advanced virtual production technologies, such as motion capture and real-time game engines, to speed up video production, support performers, and ultimately enhance the viewer experience. In real time, people on set can see the scenes and movements that previously would have been post-shot, and can adjust the direction accordingly.

Extended Reality Studios & Stages

Augmented reality and virtual reality elements are becoming increasingly normal in broadcast and video production as producers seek to push visual boundaries. Leyard LED solutions work hand-in-hand with other augmented and virtual reality technologies to expand the set. What appears on a high-definition, seamless LED backdrop or floor can instantly transform into a 3D element for the audience to enjoy.

Corporate Video & Broadcast

Today, everyone is a broadcaster, and viewers demand for high quality. For a company to deliver a professional experience, it's critical to use appropriate stages equipped with high-resolution Leyard LED video walls. They easily thrive in smaller spaces with close cameras due to their fine pixel spacing, and are the perfect backdrop for detailed presentation content.

Why Choose Leyard for Virtual Production & XR?

The Right Displays

LED video walls with pixel pitches of less than 2 millimeters look best on camera because the individual pixels are virtually indistinguishable, even at close range. As the world leader in reliable fine-pitch LED technology, Leyard has proven to be the partner of choice for many organizations, including major broadcasters. There is a Leyard LED solution to fit every virtual studio need.

Regional Virtual Studio Design Services

Not only does Leyard have the right LED solutions to support virtual production, but Leyard Europe's Creative LED Solutions and Services team can also help design the right set, stage or studio for any virtual production. The team can provide product recommendations as well as drawings that will paint an accurate picture of the finished studio.

Local Ties & Flexible Options

Leyard's European-based support and product expertise ensure faster service right from the quote. With industry-leading product warranties, including Leyard Europe EverCare™ Lifetime Limited Warranty, Leyard is the display partner of choice for virtual production.

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