Creating the Ultimate Fan Experience

In the digital age, sports venues are the epitome of the largest and boldest integrations of visual technology, creating an amazing atmosphere for sports entertainment, generating excitement and electrifying crowds. State-of-the-art display technologies - and LED in particular - are rapidly becoming an integral part of the match day experience, providing a dynamic platform for spectacular images, live action and immersive content.

Eye-catching LED solutions integrated within the arenas captivate the audience and create new opportunities to generate revenue through high-quality sponsorship placements. From impressive scoreboards to vibrant perimeter displays and dramatic video walls, state-of-the-art display technologies are transforming the fans' experience and shaping the architectural identity of the modern sports facility.

Leyard's global leadership in high-resolution display technology and Leyard Europe's ability to provide customized LED solutions for the sports and entertainment market offers viewers a display technology experience like never before.

Display Applications in Sports & Entertainment

Banners and Billboards

LED facade and banner displays as well as curved LED ribbon panels will delight fans and provide additional revenue opportunities for advertisers and sponsors. Top class LED display applications are characterized by excellent image quality, ultra-high brightness, wide viewing angle and durability for use in harsh weather conditions.

Concourse Digital Signage

Display technologies used in the hall of a sports facility involve the fans before they get to their seats and help them find their way. Commercial digital displays that broadcast the game in the concession areas ensure that fans never miss a match and contribute to higher concession sales. From eye-catching LED and LCD video walls to interactive touch solutions, stadiums offer a wide range of options to meet their indoor digital signage needs.

Digital Billboards for Outdoors

The fan experience begins before visitors enter the venue or arena. Outdoor digital billboards can be used to greet, engage and inform fans in transit at stadium entrances or parking lots. Display solutions designed for outdoor use feature robust construction, ultra-high brightness, wide viewing angles and a range of pixel pitch options for any viewing distance.

Dynamic Scoreboards

The scoreboard is the visual core of any sports facility and is fundamental to both the entertainment and information aspects of the game. Dynamic LED scoreboard applications, including end panels and center-hanging installations, deliver high-definition live action, vibrant matches and the real-time data and match statistics that fans expect.

Scoreboards developed with the latest LED technology offer exceptional brightness, crisp images and provide a creative platform for customized digital sponsorships and promotions. Versatile, multi-functional LED scoreboards maximize the ability to integrate corporate partners into the gaming experience and promote fan loyalty and brand presence.

Media Columns & Large Video Walls

Impressive LED media columns and large LED video walls - including applications in portrait format - enhance the fan experience in the sports venue with stunning images and breathtaking content. Display technologies with ultra-high brightness, wide viewing angles and mounted at elevated viewpoints provide optimal visibility for spectators. Venues also transform bare surfaces - such as those on supporting structures or outside elevator shafts - into unique installations that generate interest and excitement. State-of-the-art, modular LED solutions made of lightweight and flexible materials can be integrated into complex designs for angular, curved or column-wrapping installations.

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