Why Leyard in Retail?

Building on the physical shopping experience with the growth of mobile and Internet technologies, digital signage in retail is a growing segment of the global economy and the perfect place to implement new displays. Mixing technology-based experiences in physical stores or showrooms (brick and mortar) with web or mobile sales components is a trend in which Leyard Europe leads the way with innovative display technologies for use in all channels.

Digital signage can help to create immersive environments that build a brand and ensure that customers come back to see more.

Leyard's retail digital signage product offering is broad and has some common features that differentiate these products from others.

Reliable for Public Installations

From high-brightness displays to robust industrial design with metal frames, from redundant power supplies to Leyard's proprietary ERO-LCD™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics™) technology for LCD displays and ERO-LED™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics™) technology for LED displays, Leyard products are designed for public facilities and can withstand the demands of these environments. Our leading touch screen solutions provide the highest level of performance and reliability to the staff.

Created for Designers

Leyard video wall and digital signage products are designed to create unique settings or eye-catching retail design highlights. The seamless video walls of any size are all examples of this innovation at work. Our digital signage products feature a thin mounting profile that meets current and modern standards without additional structures or costly inserts.

Interactive Experiences

From small-format displays for your employees to use at the checkout, to self-service kiosk displays, to larger-than-life multi-touch video walls, Leyard's touch solutions create interactive experiences that advance your property.

Exceptional Value for the Integrator and Client

Our retail digital signage solutions are developed to make design, installation and maintenance more cost-effective and reduce the total cost of ownership. They are optimized for these public environments with features such as front-side accessibility for maintenance and LED backlighting.

Display Applications in Retail

Wow Factor in Storefront or Foyer

Leyard LED video walls such as the CarbonLight™ LED displays or Leyard LCD video walls like the Clarity® Matrix® G3 create experiences that build a unique atmosphere and set the tone for the brand and retail space.

Retail Digital Signage That Informs & Educates

Leyard displays deliver visible and easily readable messages in style. Products are mounted thinly for modern convenience.
Our visual solutions enable users to easily deploy and manage digital signage displays that deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Interactive Touch Solutions

Interactive multi-touch video walls allow one or more users or groups to interact with content in new ways. Leyard Europe offers a wide range of display solutions for interactive digital signage or wayfinding applications.

Durable Displays for Busy Shopping Centers

Leyard's exclusive ERO technology offers robustness and optical improvements for bright environments and is available with many of our various LED or LCD solutions such as Clarity Matrix G3 LCD video walls and Planar UltraRes X Series.

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