Digital Visual Experiences for the Modern Home

To enhance the ambience of contemporary homes, visual technologies offer a unique opportunity to transform living environments into exciting spaces for media entertainment and digital art.

Display solutions bring a distinctive visual feature to media rooms and living spaces and bring a cinema atmosphere to home theaters. Video walls mounted as digital art installations provide a living canvas for creative expression and enhance the character and originality of your living spaces. State-of-the-art options with adaptable design and the slimmest of profiles fit seamlessly into architectural elements and complement a variety of interior designs.

Display Applications in Residential

Media Rooms

Media rooms are versatile multi-purpose areas that can be designed to offer a variety of uses, from sports events and guest entertainment to family activities, movie nights, games and more. In these areas, flexible video walls and displays that look great from any distance or angle provide a visually rich viewing experience and enhance the entertainment value of the space.

Lounge, Dining & Entertainment

To promote interest and artistic appeal in lounges, dining areas and entertainment spaces, a seamless video wall is a media art canvas on which various forms of digital artwork are displayed. As a flexible medium, the video wall technology makes it possible to easily change content and the desired experience - from nature-inspired videos that promote well-being at home to abstract, digital motion art that integrates background movements into a space.

Home Offices

Video walls and collaboration displays transform home offices into highly functional workspaces, improve document and spreadsheet clarity and enhance the video conferencing experience.

Home Theatres

For those who want to enjoy the cinematic experience in their homes, ultra-high-definition video walls free from the typical limitations of projection by offering improved viewing in all lighting conditions. With sharp contrast, stunning colors and vivid images, the LED options create a rich, immersive atmosphere that mimics a cinema environment - and even goes beyond.


The display technology represents a high-tech upgrade that complements the functions of a modern kitchen, allowing homeowners to view digital art, watch news, track recipes or tune into cooking shows.

Outdoor Living Areas and Verandas

With the growing popularity of outdoor living spaces and verandas, more and more homeowners are building multifunctional outdoor spaces that are treated as extensions of their interiors. To create a more upscale outdoor living environment, ultra-high brightness video walls and large-format screens offer superior visual performance in high ambient light conditions.

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