Energize Your Service

As churches increasingly look for ways to recruit members and attract new people, many take a more visual approach to their worship to encourage participation.

With the increased emphasis on the entertainment aspects of worship, the cinematic elements of a service become a distinctive feature. The dramaturgy made possible by digital display technology can complement the sounds of a choir or band, captivate the audience, create personal experiences and create a lasting impact in the congregations.

A Message is More Powerful in Vivid Detail

The sharpness and clarity of the digital displays create impressive graphics, readable text and support the intention of a house of worship to reach as many people as possible. If the texts are crystal clear, the congregation is more willing to participate with songs. Impressive video walls make the content stronger and the message of a service more memorable.

Building Community through Participation

A place of worship is a cornerstone of the community. By encouraging participation, display technology can build a stronger network among its members. As an important tool for the exchange of information, the use of display technology creates opportunities to reach more people and involve more people in the worship community.

A Pledge to the Future

An investment in digital technology supports the commitment to the future of a church, mosque, temple or synagogue. Relevant technologies sustain a relevant organization, and by reaching a younger audience, digital displays can help maintain and even increase attendance. But while they play an important role in reaching the next generation, display technology can improve the worship experience for all segments of a community.

Display Applications in Houses of Worship

Large Sanctuaries

In spacious sanctuaries with lots of ambient light, displays must be bright and sharp enough to ensure optimal readability throughout the room and not to disturb the message. Lively displays that offer wide viewing angles, maximum color depth and uniformity of brightness overcome the challenges of a well-lit sanctuary and ensure the best view for the entire gathering.

Smaller Religious Centers

By transmitting a live video stream from the main sanctuary to smaller worship areas such as multi-purpose halls, chapels, student centers and other similar spaces, displays can support overflow and expand the capacity of the service. The services can reach a wider audience and spread the good word even further.


Digital signage at the welcome desk can be used to present announcements and to transmit news and current information to keep the community informed and involved. In lobby rooms, artistic video wall installations provide information in a unique way and can be used to generate interest and expression.

Classrooms and Meeting Rooms

In classrooms and meeting rooms, wall-mounted displays are used to show a wide range of information and materials to an audience or group of employees. In these rooms, touch-enabled displays support the educational mission of a house of worship by providing an interactive learning experience.

Venue Signage

In the public spaces of a place of worship, such as gyms, corridors, foyers or community halls, digital signage is often used to display news, announcements, upcoming courses or calendar events or a live broadcast of the service.


Screens and video walls can also be used in a control center to monitor live security footage to protect congregations and church property. Digital signage and security monitors used in a building or on a site can also broadcast communications to social media.

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