Leyard develops LED Video Walls to meet DCI-Standards

In the early years of digital cinema, there were a number of national and international standards, however, the DCI standards developed by the Digital Cinema Initiative, an umbrella organisation of American film studios, have now become the most widely accepted.

This standard is also increasingly being used in high-quality home cinema installations, which is also linked to the fact that the highly encrypted, high-resolution DCI content (Digital Cinema Initiatives), which was previously only sent to commercial cinemas and film industry executives, is now more easily accessible.

A Leading Pioneer in Audio Visual Solution

Recently, Leyard's Micro LED 0.9mm pixel pitch cinema screen (3.8m×2m) has officially passed the DCI certification and became the world's first DCI-certified Micro LED product. Such an achievement laid the foundation of relevant product technologies for Leyard to develop and enter the civilian & home display market.

World’s First DCI-certified Micro LED Cinema Screen

Leyard's DCI-certified Micro LED cinema screen adopts Micro LED full flip-chip packaging technology, and meets the requirements of the film industry in terms of various optical parameters including colour accuracy, contrast ratio and chromaticity uniformity, etc. All-in-one integrated cinema playback system, supporting digital cinema standard format DCP; Through its principle of self-luminous and 100,000hrs lifetime, it brings the audience a better viewing experience and fully meets the higher requirements of the cinema display market.

Features of LDC Leyard Digital Cinema

Excellent Image Quality
Operation Efficiency

Advantages of Leyard Digital Cinema

Why Choose Leyard for your Digital Home Cinema?

Industry Leading Technology

Leyard's Micro LED cinema screens not only provide audiences with an excellent immersive viewing experience, but also create differentiated and diversified cinema-level display products and solutions.

Elite Installation Services

Installation and commissioning services are available from the Leyard Service Team; experienced, specially-trained technical experts who maximize efficiency, minimize client disruption and adhere to a professional Code of Conduct.

Optional Service Plans

Leyard's Service Plans ensure displays continually operate at peak performance and look their best. They help equipment last with benefits such as preventative maintenance visits, priority support and emergency on-site break fixes.

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