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TV studios, picture and sound control rooms, TV switching centers, playout centers, newsrooms, post-production, acceptance suites, filming and shooting - the areas of application for visualization technologies in the broadcast sector are manifold.

Broadcasting is about engaging people with stories. To captivate and enthrall your audience, the stories you tell must be strong. Vivid and dynamic display solutions are critical technologies to enhance the viewer experience. By enhancing programs with compelling images and engaging viewers through interactive content, stories are brought to life.

New Ways of Storytelling

State-of-the-art display technologies are opening up new areas for broadcast applications that engage audiences through live sources, interactive storytelling and immersive experiences. On-air personalities can easily interact with images of content and foster deeper connections with the audience by telling stories with compelling visuals. Emerging trends in simulation, integrated environments and virtual and augmented realities offer new ways to drive engagement.

Audiences Expect the Best

Digital technology is changing rapidly, and as consumers live in more and more visual and interactive environments, they expect the highest standards of image quality. Studio upgrades with investments in Fine Pitch LED video walls help broadcasters stay relevant to their audience and stand out in a highly competitive market.

Downtime is Not an Option

In a live television broadcast - where every second counts - avoiding delays and downtime is a top priority. Display solutions with redundant video and power supplies and 24x7 reliability provide continuous operation for mission-critical broadcast applications.

Optimizing the Workflow

The market expectation for more dynamic content that is delivered faster is reinventing the workflow in today's newsroom. To keep pace, broadcasters are increasingly deploying business-critical display technologies in main control rooms to monitor trust and quickly create graphics, modify content, and make changes in the studio.

Display Applications in Broadcast

On-Camera and Set Backdrop Video Walls

LED display technologies create a "wow factor" in new studio designs and enhance broadcast presentations with impressive images and high color fidelity. Fine pitch LED video walls on camera provide the image quality required for today's programming and expected by viewers. Seamless backdrop video walls create stunning set designs and give studios a sense of depth and space. Flexible display surfaces can be split into multiple screens to display content from different sources.

Interactive Touch Solutions

In order to arouse greater interest among viewers, broadcasters use touch screens in front of the camera as part of an interactive storytelling approach in their programs. Interactive display solutions allow TV presenters to engage with visual content and to break down and edit data - so news broadcasts can be fast, fresh and vivid.

Master Control Room and Post-Production

Operation-critical display solutions give broadcast master control rooms the flexibility to integrate multiple feeds and the efficiency to monitor multiple sources - enabling operators to quickly troubleshoot errors and make better decisions faster. State-of-the-art digital displays with advanced processing enhance and increase the value of post-production workflows.

Virtual Studios

Broadcasters are venturing into new worlds of engagement with virtual and augmented reality studios. This brings all the possibilities of a photorealistic green screen into a highly customizable space without limitations. By combining display technology with panoramic simulation solutions, broadcasters can create immersive experiences, interact directly with content or collaborate from anywhere in the world by bringing multiple people into a virtual space.

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