Why Choose Leyard?

Digital displays are changing the face of our public spaces while enhancing office productivity and collaboration. Whether used for digital signage, informational messaging, system monitoring, advertising, productivity and communication, entertainment or architectural ambiance, Leyard video displays can transform the experiences of working, shopping, and socializing.

Leyard is on the forefront of these trends with award-winning display offerings that are designed for the rigors of public venue installations and mission critical operations while delivering the features and performance that create incredible visual experiences.

Best Products

Best-in-class image performance, tailored to the unique needs of the application sets Leyard apart. Products are built for demanding environments and applications with unmatched performance, durability, reliability, and value. From digital signage to control rooms to corporate environments, Leyard products are designed with installation ease and serviceability in mind. Configurable and customizable options make us a valuable partner.

Best Partner

Over 30 years of specialty display experience has given Leyard the expertise, flexibility and customer focus to provide innovative products and services, across technologies and applications.

Best Service

Experienced, well-trained experts are available for support throughout product life cycle, from design through installation and support. Leyard offers competitive standard warranties and optional service plans.

Vertical Markets


On-air and off-air, digital display technology is enabling new trends in broadcast

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Control Room

Leading broadcasters, governments, utilities, security and traffic authorities rely on Leyard display solutions

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Leading corporations and government agencies are recognizing their facilities are a spokesperson of their brand

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Digital Signage

Digital displays in highly frequented areas are changing the appearance of public spaces

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The applications for digital display technology in education have never been more exciting

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Leading Federal agencies and government entities rely on Leyard's display solutions

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The healthcare industry looks to Leyard for display innovation and design

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Hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos and healthcare facilities are greeting guests with new video display technology…

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House of Worship

Digital signage for churches and religious or spiritual sites is used to spark emotions and share information

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Modern museums, galleries, and experience centers are greeting guests with new video display technology

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Rental & Staging

Comprehensive solutions for rental, staging, and fixed-flexible installations; indoors or outdoors

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Leyard's award-winning residential products easily integrate with any decor or lifestyle

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Digital signage can help create the immersive environments that build brand and keep customers coming back for more…

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Sports & Entertainment

Digital signage can fit a multitude of needs to help create a unique atmosphere in sports arenas and stadiums

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As the travel sector continues to expand, transportation hubs are rapidly evolving to keep pace with the digital world and meet the growing expectations of passengers

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Virtual Production

Advances in LED display technology helps visual storytellers deliver deeply immersive experiences that engage audiences through VP and XR.

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