Easy, Off-the-Shelf LED Video Walls

With Leyard MGP Complete video wall solutions, organizations can get a complete and packaged LED solution at about the same price as a traditional LCD video wall. Simply select the Full HD or 4K/UHD resolution video wall size that best suits the environment and application and receive the complete package with LED display enclosures, video controller, cables, replacement modules and wall mounts, all included.

  • Complete LED video wall solution
  • Affordable alternative for older technologies
  • Available in 108", 136", 163" and 217" diagonals
  • Full HD & 4K/UHD resolution
  • Includes all components
  • Small footprint install depth of <4"
  • Made in Europe

Just the Right Size

The Leyard MGP Complete Video Wall optimizes efficiency with three pre-assembled solutions in 108", 136", 163" and 217" diagonal sizes. These popular sizes and full HD resolution make them an excellent solution for most corporate conference rooms, meeting rooms, and lobbies, and ensure there is a model for every application with comfortable viewing distances of up to 7' (2.1 m).

Of course, custom sizes and resolutions of the Leyard MGP Series are also available if none of these video wall sizes are right for you.

Affordably Modern

In the past, fine pixel pitch LED video walls were a bit too expensive for more budget-conscious organizations in industries like worship, education, and mid-sized businesses. Now, with pre-assembled full HD resolution models at a cost similar to LCD video walls, Leyard MGP Complete is a practical, modern upgrade from older tiled LCD video walls and front projection.

Leyard MGP Complete LED video walls offer higher brightness, better color saturation and more desirable viewing angles than LCD or projection technologies. They also eliminate the challenges of glare and shadows, are easier to maintain, and have a longer life.

One Powerful Package

The Leyard MGP Complete Video Wall includes a video controller, signal and power cables, and wall mounts; everything needed for rapid deployment and uptime. Replacement modules also ensure that the video wall continues to run with minimal downtime should unforeseen problems arise.

Front Service Convenience

Leyard MGP Complete Video Walls offer a front installation and maintenance option for easier access and installation versatility. With less space required behind the video wall display, it's a great option for a wider range of application environments.

With front access and a mounting depth of less than four inches, the video wall displays also meet barrier-free design standards. Organizations can place the video wall on the room wall, minimizing floor space and maximizing footprint.

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Product Name MGP108 MGP136 MGP163 MGP163UHD
Pixel Pitch 1.25mm 1.56mm 1.88mm 0.937mm 2.5mm
Display Diagonal 108.4" / 275cm 135.5" / 344cm 162.6" / 413cm 162.6" / 413cm 216.8" / 551cm
Display Resolution 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080 3840x2160 1920x1080
Pixel Density 640,000/m² | 59,456/ft² 409,600/m² | 38,051/ft² 284,444/m² | 26,427/ft² 1,131,777/m² |
160,000/m² | 14,862/ft²
Display Size (W x H x D) 2400 x 1350 x 50mm
| 94.49 x 53.15 x 1.97in
3000 x 1687.5 x 50mm
| 118.11 x 66.44 x 1.97in
3600 x 2025 x 50mm
| 141.73 x 79.72 x 1.97in
3600 x 2025 x 50mm
| 141.73 x 79.72 x 1.97in
4800 x 2700 x 50mm
| 188.98 x 106.3 x 1.97in
Cabinet Configuration 4x4 MGP1.2 5x5 MGP1.5 6x6 MGP1.8 6x6 MGP0.9 8x8 MGP2.5
Power Consumption, Min (Watts) 600 910 1300 1300 2260
Power Consumption, Max (Watts) 1759 2749 3958 3958 7037
Cabinet Resolution 480 x 270 384 x 216 320 x 180 640 x 460 240 x 136
Line Voltage 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Display Weight (kg) 128 192 274 274 475
Brightness 600 nits
Contrast Ratio 5000:1
LED Refresh Rate 3840 Hz
Colour Temperature Range (k) 3,000 - 10,000
Video Inputs 1x HDMI, 1x DVI
Control USB, Serial, Network
Frame Rate 50, 60 Hz
Viewing Angle, Horizontal 160°
Viewing Angle, Vertical 140°
Environment Indoor
Service Access Front, Rear
LED Lifetime, Typical 100,000hrs
Storage Temperature/Humidity -30° to 60° C | -22° to 140° F / 10-85% relative humidity, non-condensing
Operating Temperature/Humidity -20° to 40° C | -4° to 104° F / 10-80% relative humidity, non-condensing
Solution Includes Display wall, Video Controller, Signal cables, Power cables, Wall mount, Module Spares
Warranty 3 years


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