• The use of digital elements rather than large printed banners gives a far better return on investment over time. The content of a digital element can be easily adopted. With printed banners there is the need to each time re-print when the content changes. Then hang it up and dispose of the old banner.
  • The actual power consumption of a LED wall is very much dependent on the content. In most cases the power indicated is the max power that is used when showing a full white image at full brightness. In practice the typical power usage will be half to one third of that value, this as the screen is not always used in full brightness and the content is dynamic and video centric. This value is mostly indicated as typical power usage.
  • The components used in Leyard LED walls are of premium quality. So we use for example gold wired LED SMDs instead of copper wired for outdoor rated LED walls. This has not only positive influence on the lifetime of the equipment but is also better in terms of conductivity. Gold has a 30% better conduction compared to copper and has better reflection. This leads towards a higher light output with less power. Less power means also less heath dissipation. Which as positive influence on the HVAC requirements. Aside the LEDs we also use power supplies with a power factor of >95%, this makes our LED walls more power efficient.
  • Leyard uses in some of their products a technology called common cathode. Via this method we drive the LEDs in a different manner. Meaning that we turn off the LEDs completely when there is for example a black image shown. Using this technology reduces the power consumption with about 33% compared to traditional common anode technologies.
  • Our pursuit of the highest possible product quality is evidenced by our ISO9001 certified quality management system

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