TV Markiza's News Studio

Since 1996, leading Slovakian broadcasting station TV Markíza has been delivering a broad range of programming to Slovakia’s population, including news, movies, entertainment, sports as well as popular series from around the world. Recently, as part of a studio upgrade, the station partnered with technology integrator Centron Slovakia to install three Leyard® TVH Series fine pitch LED video walls with a 1.6 millimeter pixel pitch (TVH1.6), transforming outdated screens into a cutting-edge set backdrop.

The video walls provide TV Markíza’s News studio with industry-leading image quality for showing graphics and video clips during weather, news and sports broadcasts. The three video walls include configurations of 18 x 8 displays (7.2 x 2.4 meters), 12 x 8 displays (4.8 x 2.4 meters) and 7 x 2 displays (2.8 x 0.6 meters), all curved to optimize the experience for home viewers.

The largest video wall is used for news and reporting broadcasts, while the next-largest video wall is used to show sports, weather and international news stories. The smaller video walls are located on the front of the anchor desk for signage and displays a background design with the “Televízne Noviny” logo.
The Leyard TVH Series easily scales for existing Full HD content and sources with easy-to-handle LED display cabinets providing an exact fit for any video wall size or configuration—including the concave, curved installations in TV Markíza’s News studio.

The Leyard TVH Series also delivers a crisp, high contrast image with its black resin Leyard® MicroGrid Shader™, enabling the deepest level of black. Whisper-quiet operation minimizes audio interference and the fine pitch of the Leyard TVH Series also prevents the moiré effect, a challenge notorious in television studios.

Durable Solution Provides High Reliability

Featuring an advanced design and available with a redundant video and power option to ensure continuous operation for demanding indoor operations, the Leyard TVH Series is well-suited for TV Markíza’s 24-hour broadcasting, enabling the studio to confidently deliver breaking news at any time.

“The Leyard LED video walls are top quality and reliable and represented an ideal fit with TV Markíza’s new studio design. Viewers can feel the unique atmosphere of the updated TV Markíza News studio. We look forward to using these video walls for a long time”

Zdenko Rysavy
CTO of TV Markíza

“The high quality of the Leyard LED Video Wall is the perfect solution for the broadcaster studio.”

Radoslav Bako
CEO of Centron Slovakia

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